Online Ordering

Online Ordering

When your business is growing, you will acquire new customers with different needs. Some may not want to get out of their couch to visit your store, so you must be ready to meet them halfway if you want their business. There’s a big reason why Amazon has been dominating the retail market; convenience.

Once you decide if you want an online store, you will need to:

Take pictures or hire a photographer:

You can take pictures of every single item in your store with your phone or hire a local photographer to do it for you. If you want better quality photos on your website, a photographer is a must. It can cost a pretty penny, so check up with your budget department. Just make sure to check the photographer’s work prior to hiring them!

Write down your prices

For best results, send your items with the price and item description attached to it. You can also send it as a list. This can be something like:

[image] Pinto beans - 16oz - $1.99

[image] Tacos - Delicious tacos come in 3 types of meat (Asada, Tongue, Chicken & a salsa of your choice - $2.99

After all these steps have been followed, we will work on your online store to finish as soon as possible so you can start selling to your customers!