Local Marketing

Local Marketing

When you want to make yourself known, it is important to have a website up and do some form of marketing. Postcard marketing may sound old school, but a physical card packed with a discount code and a beautiful design will entice customers to do business with you. A discount can bring in even the stingiest person if the offer is good enough. I’ve been there before. A beautiful design will give sense of a well-managed and attentive to detail business.

These postcards will be sent to the neighborhood(s) of your choice depending on your budget. These campaigns can last a few weeks before they are finished, so be sure to let us know as soon as possible for best results! The time can vary due to postcard shipping, designing the postcard, USPS shipping times and your responsiveness.

There are 4 costs associated with this service that will be sent to you for confirmation:

USPS Pricing: This amount is what USPS charges for the delivery itself. We can add more routes for mailing or take off depending on your budget. Note: A very small portion of the mail will be sent to other businesses in a route, typically less than 1%.

Postcard Pricing: Depending on how many homes we are sending postcards to, we will order the postcards for that amount. You will decide if you want thick or thin postcards. However, we will not be able to order the specific amount, so there will be extra postcards that we can hold on to for the next campaign or throwaway, as they are undeliverable via USPS anymore. If you are located in Chicago you may pick up the rest of the postcards.

Yumsah’s Pricing: This is for my time spent on research, meeting USPS qualifications, counting and sorting the postcards based on their route and delivering the postcards. This price is based on how many postcards will be mailed, not how many are ordered. Any extra postcards you may pick up, or I can send to you.

Pricing starts at $125 per set of 1,500 or under mailcards sent on USPS.

Example Bill:

USPS: 2,445 postcards mailed - $489.17

Postcard: 2,500 postcards printed - $266.78

Postcard Designer: $30 designer

Yumsah’s: $250

Total: $1,035.95 = $0.42 per postcard/home

Total in other companies: $1,254-$1,405+

2,445 homes will know your business exists, 39 cents per home. Likely, you may send some of the postcards to a multi-family member home, meaning more than 1 person will see your postcard.The return on investment (ROI) of postcards can range from 0-15% depending on many factors. This can be your postcard design, how far your business is from the mailed area, if the offer is good and many other factors that come in the mix.